Plastic & Metal Processing

Innovative metal and plastic processing are key technologies, for instance for the automotive, aircraft and high-speed train industries. Processes for the production of lightweight parts and components form the core of ILLIES' portfolio.

The applications include metal forming processes for highest quality parts geometry, selective press hardening, thermoforming and composite technologies.

ILLIES Vietnam provides most advanced solutions for the manufacturing of high-end equipment in wire & cable and transformer industries. Either from single machine or complete turn key production lines, we are the fully integrated partner!

Our technological solutions for market-specific processes for plastic & metal production:

  • Rod Break Down Machines For Copper And Aluminum
  • Multiwires Drawing Lines
  • Intermediate Drawing Lines
  • Insulation And Sheathing Lines For Building Wires
  • Extrusion Line For LV Power Cable
  • Rigid Case Stranding Machine
  • Double Twist Stranding Machine
  • Drum Twister Machine
  • Skip Stranding Machine
  • Tubular Stranding Machine
  • Horizontal And Vertical Enameling Plant For Copper And Aluminum
  • In-line And Off-line Automatic Coiling Lines For Wires And Cables
  • Drawing machines for steel wire
  • Steel wire Pre-treatment
  • Silicon Steel Slitting Line
  • Core Cutting Line
  • Tank Wall Production Line
  • Core Winding Machine For Power Trafo
  • Core Winding Machine For Distributional Trafo
  • Thermo-Forming Machine
  • CNC Trimming machine
  • Card Body Lamination Machine
  • Card Body Punching Machine
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